Thanh Sinden

Thanh Sinden

Helping teams create and capture value


You believe in equality and inclusion. You know that a lack of diversity in your workplace and in your audience is a lost opportunity. You understand that you and your team need to take actions to change the conditions that’s stopping you from attracting and retaining diverse talent, diverse audiences but you’re not sure how?

I can help you.

Perhaps you’re already making major changes and seeing some results for your efforts and just need support, mentoring or a critical friend.

I can support you.

I am passionate about helping teams and individuals maximise their potential to create and deliver social value. I understand the challenges and common mistakes made when designing and delivering diversity and inclusion programmes.

Through insightful consulting and considered facilitation I work with you and your team in your context to help you deliver results. An inclusive culture creates a workplace where diversity thrives, increases innovation and gives business advantage.

Inclusion and collaboration creates a better place for all.