I am a talented strategic thinker. Skilled in organisational dynamics, partnership development for equality, diversity and inclusion considerations in service design.

A collaborator, facilitator and enabler for change. I work with teams that have vision and purpose in a strategic way to turn plans into actions.

My practice and interests have evolved through over 12 years of experience working across the third sector on community focused initiatives, local government and the cultural sector. My experiences range from co-creating services, participatory practice, arts and health strategic commissioning to audience development with various organisations across the UK.

My work focus on social purpose, projects and initiatives that advance equity between groups, celebrate and respect our diversity for a more inclusive world.

My vision is to inspire collective action that builds a kinder, happier and prosperous world for all. I believe the challenges to our work conditions, social and community environments can only be resolved and progress positively through co-design, collaboration and embedding inclusion at the core.

I work to support and empower you. With compassion, encouragement, incisiveness and critical insight. I love working with individuals and teams to maximise their potential and deliver positive outcomes.